Our studio incorporates advanced technologies to offer you the best quality content..

Brickyard Studios live room is 7m x 4m and large enough to house a full choir and/or instruments, with 2 8 XLR /4 TRS Jack inputs and 1 16 XLR 4 TRS wall box’s all routed to the control room with patchbays in the rack, including around 16 headphones.

Live Room

Our drums are mic’d up with sm58’s on the Toms, 57’s on snare and hi-hats, beta 52A on the bass drum and samson C02’s for overheads. 

Brickyard Studios control room is equipped with a British made signature Soundcraft digital/analogue desk, has NS10, SN15 and 402 monitoring and dual 10 touch screens running Logic and Pro tools with a huge list of plug ins including T-Racks, Isotope, Maag, Waves and so much more, it’s impossible to list.

Control Room

With an Alesis Meshkit USB to ultimate Drummer including all the best kits recorded from around the globe.

There are acoustic guitars, bass guitars and electric guitars with Marshall and Fender amplification and boss effects pedals.

Ultimately the equipment can be used or you can bring your own.

We also have live streaming capabilities, with a dj back line including turntables, CDJ’s and/or a Controller. This also includes a 3k and 5k sound system which is also available for hire.

Studio B is also being renovated right now, that will be ready in March, which will be for media and film production etc

We are also consistently upgrading equipment too.

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