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108 high quality AMP models that utilise MOOER’s non-linear digital amp modelling technology from the PREAMP series and 43 IR based factory speaker cab models, to get the same dynamics and feel as a real tube amp.
20 user slots to load in your favourite 3rd party IR files (up to 2048 sample pts).
Tri-voice polyphonic synthesizer module, including oscillator wave shape, pitch, filters and arpeggiators for each voice. Transform your guitar into an electronic synthesizer without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications.
TONE CAPTURE AMP MODE allows you to sample and capture your real-life amplifier to create brand new digital amp models. GUITAR MODE allows you to capture the EQ characteristics of your instrument. CAB MODE lets you sample speaker cabinets to create your own IRs.
164 high quality effects that cover all the bases from your favourite stompboxes, plugins and studio rack units.
Programmable stereo FX LOOP with optional signal chain routing, for easy integration of your favourite effects and ultimate flexibility for 4 cable method and stereo amp setups.
Stereo outputs (1/4″ and XLR) with independent signal chain routing. Flexibility to send different parts of your virtual rig to different devices.
MIDI IN / OUT / THRU with easy mapping and external ctrl switching to control your other pedals and amps.
Programmable footswitches with user selectable LED colours and assignable functions, allowing complete user customisation of the control scheme.
High-precision programmable TUNER will make sure you’re in tune at all times.
Intuitive and simple UI based on the GE200 user experience makes for a fast and easy setup of presets. Spend more time playing and less time scrolling though endless menus.
Direct, low latency USB audio lets GE300 double up as a digital audio interface and become a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for recording guitar.
30 minute stereo loop station with undo/ redo, direct dubbing, reverse + 1/2 time effects. Looper sessions can be stored and backed up for import/ export of audio files. Recall that new song idea you had any time, or load in your favourite backing tracks to jam along with.


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