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What is your address and location?
Brickyard Studios
Unit 1, Lower Brickyards Industrial Estate, 
Steep Marsh, 
GU32 2BN

Our Front Desk hours are 10am-8pm Monday to Saturday. We continue to take calls and book sessions after hours until 10pm.  Our Studio Sessions are booked upon appointment only. 

I have some questions. What is the best way to get a hold of someone?

The best way to have your questions answered is to give us a call at 07832 158 317 during the hours of 10am-10pm, daily. If you’re unable to call, you can always fill out our “General Inquiries” form on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or you can email us at

Your studio is beautiful! Can I take a tour?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! We give tours by appointment only so give us a call at 07832 158 317 so we can schedule it for you.

Does it cost something for me to have a consultation?

Nope! Consultations to go over the details of your project with us are always free.

I'm from outside of the U.K. Where are your nearby airports
  • Heathrow International Airport – 45 Miles (50 Mins)
  • Gatwick International Airport – 57 Miles (60 Mins)


Who designed & built your studios?

Our studio was designed by Tom Adamson along with multiple close friends and associates, built from the ground up to the great design that it is today.

What type of equipment and gear do you have?

Check out our Equipment page to see the full list of what we use to record, edit, mix and master. 

What type of microphones do you have?

Our wide variety of industry standard microphones are all listed on our Equipment page.


I want to record a song. Where do I start?

That’s great news! To begin the process, give our Front Desk a call at 07832 158 317 where we can discuss your project with you in greater detail. Or, you can fill out this contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to either set up a consultation, tour or give you a quote.

How do I book a session?

When it comes to booking a session, give our Front Desk a call at 07832 158 317 to go over studio/engineer availability. To book the session, we require a 50% deposit which secures your time on the schedule. We accept cash, credit card, check or PayPal. You can review our Procedures and Policies page to answer any further questions about booking.

How much does it cost to record?

That depends on a few factors. Give us a call at 07832 158 317 and tell us these details:

  1. Style/genre you’re recording
  2. Vocals and/or instruments
  3. Amount of songs

Once we have this information,  we can approximate how much it would cost although you can check out our Services/Rates page, which outlines some packages we have put together.

Do you have any specials or packages?

We offer discounts, specials and giveaways periodically. The best way to stay “in the know” and take advantage of our sweet deals is by subscribing to our Email List and following us on Instagram and Facebook. We send out emails 2-3 times a month and we post daily on social media.

Can I pay the day of the session?

No. We require a 50% deposit to secure your time on the schedule for the studio and for the engineer. The balance is due upon arrival for your session.

I need to reschedule. How do I go about this?

You must provide us with a minimum of 24 hours to cancel any booking. This is so we can do our best to give others the opportunity to use the time. Any cancellations that fall below the minimum requirement will be charged the full amount for the booking. This is non-negatioable. Any cancelletions that meet the requirments can be moved to another date, or cancelled.

I'm going to be late to my session. Will the engineer allow me to make up my time?

Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose sessions follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your engineer will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start the session. Regardless of the length of the session, you will be responsible to pay for the entire session. Out of respect and consideration to your engineer and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time.


What is a recording session like?

One of our phenomenal engineers will set up mics, prepare the track and record you as you go. Our engineers work closely with the artist so that the final product is perfect! 

What is an audio engineer?

An Audio Engineer is a highly skilled audio professional responsible for proficiently utilizing all of our state-of-the-art equipment to obtain the highest quality audio of any singer, instrumentalist, and musician who records. 

What does an audio engineer do in a session?

During recording sessions, an audio engineer can either have two roles depending on what the artist needs and wants. An audio engineer can either function as a producer or co-producer whom helps the artist develop their music and enhance their sound. Or they can simply record you and stay on top of the technical side of things, making sure that everything runs as it should and making adjustments as necessary. 

Who are the engineers at Brickyard Studios?

We provide a great team of highly skilled, hand-picked audio engineers who specialise in recording, editing and mixing real time audio in our studios. You can learn more about who we trust with your music by going to Our Team page

What genres do you record?

We record it all! Pop, EDM, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Americana, Acoustic, Live, Classical, Jazz,Gospel, Metal, Punk, Prog Rock, New Wave, Folk, Bluegrass, Swing, Ambient, Jazz, Christian, Adult Contemporary, Doo Wop, Dance, Funk, etc.

Outside of music, we also record Voiceovers for commercials, television shows, cartoons, video games, movies, audio books, etc. 


I want to record but need some guidance with my project. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have producers that work in every genre who can guide you and your music in the right direction. You can learn more about this service and our brilliant producers by going to our Music Production page.

What is a producer?

Music producers are often defined as the unsung heroes behind the scenes in popular music. In the beginning of the music industry, a producer was a bank representative to assure that the budget was actually allocated properly and the music was going to “hit the spot” so that it would eventually sell to the masses. In the music industry today, the music producer serves much the same role as a director in a film. It is the music producer’s job to make sure that in the end the finished product is as good as it can be. In some cases this may simply involve making it listenable, however in other cases this means making sure the song is a hit, or at least has the potential to be a hit. Their job is essentially to make sure that a song is well-recorded and well-produced. Producers are also the overall coordinator to help orchestrate all of the resources to get the final product! 

What will a producer do for me?

We have producers that can do everything from helping the singers get their parts right to making sure the microphones the right distance from a guitar amplifier to guiding the session in the appropriate direction. Good music producers understand every aspect of studio production. They also have a very good ear and a well-rounded knowledge of how voices and instruments produce recordable sound. A producer will get inside your head to figure out what you’re aiming for and he will actualise your musical goal. Whether it be the performance, pitch, tone of each instrument, emotion of the song and typically today that would mean that a producer has extensive knowledge on equipment, music theory, pulls the reigns of the session musicians and possess the people skills to push and squeeze every ounce of greatness out of each performer and production personnel.

Who are the producers at Brickyard Studios?

We have multiple producers at Brickyard Studios, whom produce music for multiple genres.

Are producers also engineers?

Today, producers are more likely to multi-task. They are good engineers as they mostly started as an engineer. And they’re very good editors. Part of getting a great performance is editing what wasn’t or cannot be played in the session itself. Sometimes editing is the only way to bring out a certain sound in a performance. You’ll often find that a good producer with good engineering skills prefers to be completely in control to guarantee the best results. A music producer’s job is essentially to make sure that a song is well recorded and well produced.


What genres do your songwriters specialize in?

Almost every single genre out there! Any client can either utilise the songwriting talents of our in-house producers who have developed numerous songs for our clients. Or we can refer you to our affiliate producers and songwriters that we have developed relationships with throughout the nation. Go to our Production & Songwriting page to listen to a few examples of songs written by our team. 

What takes place in a songwriting session? 

This really depends on the genre. A few examples: for pop, the artist and producer come together and discuss what the artist is looking to create and the influence they’re looking to base the song after and the producer either begins to compose during the meeting or does so at a different time, sends the files to the artist for tweaks or revisions, and then prepares the track for vocals. For bands, the band and the producer either work on songwriting in a practice space or during a recording session. 

Is a songwriting session a part of the studio time price?

No. This is separate fee determined by the songwriter/composer you’re working with. This will be established in the beginning stages of working with us. 

I need a Hip Hop song to record my vocals to. Do you have anyone who creates beats? 

We sure do! Our Producers & Songwriters can take any concept or idea and turn it into a meticulously written songs with lyrics, music, the works. Just let them know a similar sounding artist (ie. Taylor Swift), an example of a song you’re looking to create (“Wildest Dreams”) as well as a concept you’d like to communicate (ie. Love, break ups, etc), and our songwriters can tailor it to exactly what you’re looking for. Send us a message or give us a call at 07832 158 317 for more information about their services. 

I am a singer & I do not have any songs. Do you have someone who could write both music and lyrics for me?

Absolutely! We have Producers & Songwriters who are well-versed in arranging, programming and composing music to fit with any lyricists songs. 

Do I own the songs outright after they are written for me?

That depends. Each songwriter and producer has different contracts customized to each project. Most cases, an artist is able to obtain the exclusive rights. This often depends on the upfront cost. 


What is mixing?

Mixing is the process which commences after all tracks are recorded and edited as individual parts. Mixing can consist of various processes where the mix engineer takes the raw recorded tracks (or a rough mix from producers) and sets levels, EQ’s, uses compression, uses stereo panning, and the addition of effects. In a way, mixing is like taking the raw ingredients and blending it together as if it is a presentable meal. You can learn more about mixing by going to our Mixing & Mastering page. 

Why do I need my recordings mixed?

You need your recording mixed because mixing will absolutely do your songs justice. When we record your music, we are focusing on the performance and the capturing of it. But mixing puts attention on making it sound and feel better, and post-production is the only time we get to do that. Even if it is recorded perfectly, not every instrument or voice will fit right together so as absolutely necessary step to finalise your track. In fact, all commercially released music that you hear on the radio or on television has been mixed, so if you want commercially professional music, you have to have it mixed. At Brickyard Studios, we built a dedicated room for mixing which provides the perfect workflow for our mix engineers to speed up the process and maximise the quality. 

What is a Mix Engineer?

A mix engineer is an audio professional who specializes in only mixing. Because it is a different process than recording an artist, the workflow and skills is different. During the mixing process, the mix engineers reveal every detail of each song, bring it up to the surface and expose it all where they are EQing, compressing, and enhancing the overall sound. Highly educated on the anatomy of all sounds recorded individually and combined and are highly competent impressively aware so that nothing gets by them.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the process of turning a song or collection of songs into a final master for manufacturing so that it translates well across systems: CD player, radio, computer, car stereo, phone, bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc. You can learn more about mastering by going to our Mixing & Mastering page. 

Why do I need my mixes mastered?

Mixing is the one people absolutely have to have. But good mastering can make a track sound great and make it sound comparable to commercial releases. Part of mastering is also getting all of the songs to have consistency across the album in volume and tonal balance. 


What is a session musician?

A session musician is a freelance professional musician who can perform what the producer or writer needs for their song. 

Who are your session musicians?

We have many experienced session musicians who work with our clients on a regular basis. Contact us with the instrument you would like to work with and we will refer you to the right musician.

How experienced are your session musicians?

Our session musicians have a wealth of experience in the studios environment and can perform with outstanding results.

Will your session musicians do live performances with me?

Session musicians typically do not play out shows with clients because they are very busy musicians and are often booked out weeks in advance with their own bands. However, if they’re available (and for a fee) it is possible they could play a show for any client. Assumed it would not be a regular occurrence.


What are your programs like? 

Our courses are unique. Training here does not involve crowded classrooms, steep prices, burned-out instructors or memorizing manuals. Our programs are very cost-effective, hands-on all the way with very few students at a time who want to learn professional recording, mixing and song production from those who live and breathe the music industry.

Who can be in these courses?

Anyone from passionate beginners to experienced audio engineers and producers can absolutely be in any of our programs. If you’ve been writing songs or producing beats or recording music for years and you want to improve your technique, enhance your abilities, record professionally or you’ve at least pressed record in a recording program before, then you’re ready to start. 

You will be exposed to very high level techniques and skills.  If you’ve got the passion for it, you’re all set.

How often do you start the courses? 

 Start dates can be ANYTIME based on instructor and studio availability – we are flexible and can work with your schedule!

How much do your programs cost?

Our prices are very competitive and affordable. You can find our course prices on our Service/Rates page.

Will the courses make me a professional?

We have developed these courses for aspiring producers and engineers to succeed in one of the toughest industries.  Our programs give you the best foundation of knowledge and experience so you can grasp the professional skills needed to make create, record and enhance high-quality music.

Your level of professionalism all depends on your prior experience level, how much you decide to get out of the course, as well as what you do with the knowledge afterward in your own studio to develop these skills. After completing the course, you can still count on the instructors to give you further real world advice and guidance.

Will these courses give me the skills I need to make my music sound good?

Yes! That is the main purpose of our courses. Being a good engineer or producer is much more than just knowing the tools or studying manuals. You will learn the key concepts the pros use—and most importantly you will be shown how it all works inside a real studio, so you can then apply this in your own home studio with better quality results as your experience and skill develops. 




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